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Dredmorpedia is an automatically generated encyclopedia for the game Dungeons of Dredmor.

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Date Changes
  • Improved search case matching
  • Added lockpicks (used in some skill starting loadouts)
  • Added 'Encrusts' section
  • Updated to 1.14 game data
  • Updated to 1.10 game data
  • Improved loading speed
  • Improved 'Monsters' section: Added "total stats" for each monster.
  • Improved 'Stats' section: Added the stat ids (or equivalent) for modders.
  • Possibly fixed the issue that was preventing mod selections from being saved.
  • Added (incomplete) 'Meta' section: Find our meta info about the game (e.g. top 10 toughest monsters).
  • Added (incomplete) 'Search' section: Search for items, abilities and spells by name or stat!
  • Updated to RC5 game data
  • Improved loading for low power devices
  • Added ability to enable and disable mods (default disabled)
  • Added 'Practical Geology' mod
  • Added support for 'removable' attribute in buffs
  • Added loading progress bar
  • Added links between the Item section and the Craft section
  • Added (incomplete) 'Stats' section
  • Improved 'Monsters' section
  • Added 'Interior Dredmorating' mod
  • Added 'Runecaster' mod
  • Added 'Can Target Floor' attribute for bolts / throwables
  • Added 'Swift Striker' mod
  • Added 'Monsters' section
  • Added (incomplete) 'Data' section
  • Fixed 'Shout' effect giving the impression that it lured
  • Added 'Data' section that lets you filter which data sources are included
  • Added Attack spell handling
  • Added 'Affected Area' to Spells
  • Added 'Clockwork Knights' mod
  • Updated with Patch 1.0.9 changes: Paralyze is now more likely, Diggle Plague is less deadly and Killing Blow is the last Beserker ability
  • Added 'About' section
  • Changed 'Spells' section to be alphabetically categorized
  • Added parsing for 'Mine' spells (e.g. Rune of Exploding)
  • Fixed caching issues (hopefully)